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A2 - Aphrodite's Child AKA Buena Vida 3

[Verse 1]
See I'm all about the drinking, money and the women
God knows what I'm thinking, all these mad decisions
I don't chase my liquor I don't chase these bitches
It's bad for my liver but I love the feeling
I'm having double vision, tryna double digits
Cousins having trouble living, resorting to the spirits
I just hope the Lord forgive him
I just hope the Lord forgive him
Word up I'm never lying in my lyrics
God as my witness
Survival of the fittest everyday its the plympics
Still tryna' keep my distance, avoiding all the snitches
Never mix family with business and that's word too my niggas
Free a couple in them prison
Cause we love them and we miss them
Mummy hug them & she kiss them never crying when she visits
Still tryna be the richest
Contemplating on my future while I bill it
Yeah I'm turning up

[Verse 2]
Acting like you've never heard of us
Yeah, its them versus us
My positions got me feeling like Ronaldo at the Bernabéu
I'm just part of the furniture
I'm still underrated, underplayed over looked I'm losing patience
Look me in my face see I'm the greatest
I'm saying that before I've made it
Saying that before I've reached radio playlists
Nigga you should see my graveshifts
I swear its amazing
I just play one joint, they hold their heads like gracious
They treat me like a mason cause the music that I'm making
And I even famous still they treat me like I'm famous
Still trippy, good girl with me
Tells me get to work while she pulls a sickie
I'm faded off that purp, she's pulling on her ciggy
Bluer than a smurf its going down its getting windy
[Hook x2]
Man we'll be here for a while
Im running wild
Driving round the city cause its ours
Yeah its ours
And don't nobody get involved
You so pretty you should be in vogue
But you don't ever do what you've bee told
Girl just do what you've been told
She had too many shots of that Patron
Now its on
Girl turn off the phone
I'm in my zone
Girl make sure that drink is cold
Then sip it slow
Don't rush we're on our own
Nobody's coming home
Girl I said nobody's coming home