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A2 - Before You Go

[Verse 1]
She ain't done nothing like this before
Ciggerette box shot glass all on the floor
Blue bottles I ain't talking 'bout flies
But then she unzip my flies and I let her explore
And I'm just twenty four
Said I party like I'm living in the 80's
Said she used to go Bump back in Bricki
Now she thinks its too mainstream
Said she calmed it right down
Cause last year was hella crazy
Tell me more, tell me more while we sip on some baileys
Said she's too young for babies
Partying hard is a habit
But i guess she can manage
From north I'm from south we attracted like magnets
And she's into high fashion, only smokes weed and eats salad
And she only plays me and some Last Night In Paris

[Verse 2]
Them other rappers she ain't playing em'
No space on the iPhone said she's got no time to waste on em'
She just wanna cum in peace she my alien
Got a nigga's toes curling from the cranium
My tongue twister I have fun with her
My lung filler got it chilling with the Rum mixture
I cum with her then I tell her she got one liver
And she ain't drinking one liquor
Why you tripping girl you're dipping with a young nigga'
Till she get it and she's running like the Dunn's River
[Hook x2]
And its all because of you now
Driving out of my town she ain't coming back no more
She ain't coming around
Girl put the glass down
Put the glass down
Put the glass down
You ain't coming back around
Put the glass down
Put the glass down
Shh don't make a sound
She's going out on the town
Yeah she goes out on the town