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[Verse 1]
This is my intro
Only artist paintin' with a pencil
I got artist hating there just to judgemental
But them being here just seems so accidental
They ain't seeing clear
I remember trips up into central
Back when we was spending grands up on them rentals
And my Gran said she can see I'm so resentful
And my Dad not being here was fundamental
He ain't seeing clear

All debts paid starting from a fresh page
Now I'm the sensei parting with a fresh fade
Back in '05 when I met Jade
And how I miss her but can't explain
How I'm partly to blame
Our friendship stated straining over childish mistakes
And now redemption's on my mind but we both parted our ways
So I can hardly complain
I just keep it moving

Stay focused and I keep improving
There's some old shit that I need removing
But the older that I get it's like the more snakes that I seem to move with
I'm like Moses but I need a new stick
And maybe be more ruthless
Taking kindness for a weakness
My reply is they're the ones that's nights are sleepless
Now I got old girls worrying bout' who I sleep with
Now I'm in the hotel brain off a genius
I just hope she copes well when I say ain't shit between us
Word up
I'm just trying to blow like an extremist but this worlds tough
So I'm breaking buds down of the greenest getting turnt up
Leanin' like that tower out in Italy
My first cup
Now I'm faded to hell
Spilling drink all on my patents if I'm graded I fail
I'm inhaling on the grade ting while I play some Adele
I'm going in make some space in a cell
Word, nigga yeah!