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A2 - Lost In Translation

Picture a nigga rollin'
Good weed, big dreams, magic potion
Yeah that’s that Codeine
I named it McCauley Culkin
Cos that's ma home alone drink yeah
That's ma oh so prone drink yeah
This year I’m spending money hope you notice
Like on my own shit, them other niggas don't know shit
I handle figures, girls and no switch
How I get it no one knows shit
Cos I've seen niggas turn to snakes over that dope quick
So my volumes on the lowest
Smoking loud that shit is potent
Yeah i'm turning up I might be folded
Can't turn me down I'm broken
Systems overloaded
Blue Rizla sip that potion
Tryna keep in all my emotions
Drizzy's got me on this new friends is an old ting
Man we live it you just quote it
Man I do this for my old friends
Do this for all the niggas that hated on my involvement
I do this for my sisters, my niece, my mam, my old ex
This special journey needed your Involvement
Man I thank you for those moments
Imagine having no progress
Imagine having 99 problems but you can't solve ’em
Man I had a couple problems but they left same with my old friends
Now it’s green phased visions of me chauffeured man they know it
Sip that magic potion, kick back while we're smoking
See we mix that magic potion, kick back while we’re smoking