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[Verse 1]
True, we been in love for a minute
But I bet you regain your trust when I'm in it
Shit, remember how it was in the beginning
You won't no one above me when I'm finished
I'm number one, know that
And I ain't hit my weed yet
Let me take a couple tokes, I'll hit your phone back
You ain't tell me what you need yet
I just wish you were the girl in all your throwbacks
Am I wrong? Tell me something
Tell me that you love me
But you don't know what that means yet
Ima teach you everything
Just come and take a seat here
Ima show you better things, you ain't never been here

[Verse 2]
Tell something, tell me you don't know me
Tell me that you miss the old me
You talking about for God's sake
When you get so holy?
You've just had a long day, you just wanna hold me
I feel you and I hear you
We're only fine when I'm not near you
We never question what we argue for
You know I'm really into art, just know the Art of War
I've done some things all in the past
I know you can't ignore
So are we really kidding? Are we even tripping
Only time you never moan is when you're moaning
Whilst I dip in
Only time I get alone is with my bros or when I'm kipping
You know time is money, I don't blow no dough on bitches
I miss that glass of white wine, plates and foreign dishes
I miss missing you
I miss when we weren't so specific
Remember when you used to send a text with all them kisses
Why you so suspicious?
Girl, I'm known for burning bridges
Help me burn a few
Mum still concerned with how I'm living
My bro just done a bird or two, long time I ain't seen him
My cousin hit me up like 'swear down I heard you're singing'
Ex's hit me up cos they're still reading into my lyrics
Hope there's meanings to my lyrics
Always a reason for my lyrics

[Hook] x2
These love songs about nobody
My love songs about your body
I swear if I close my eyes I can feel it
Pinch me twice, I think I'm dreaming
All these love songs about nobody
Love songs about your body
Let me tell you something

[Verse 3]
Girl, all you gotta do is tell me something
Just tell me that need me
Just tell me that you want me
Baby, we should stop the fronting
We both know you didn't come for nothing
Yeah, yeah
There's things that we should be discussing

Like when it comes down to them other niggas
Do they know you like I do? Do they know?
When the sun settles, will they hold you
Like I do, girl you know they won't
But you keep on saying you're tired of stressing
It's best if we just let this go

[Thea Maria & A2]
And my love songs are about nobody
What about yours?
Girl, all you gotta do is tell me something
Girl, I ain't really know for doing nothing
Yeah, yeah
I got some weed in my car, let's roll something