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A2 - Prototype

But I can manage, she's my Pyrex, she's an eyefull
They stop and stare
She'll turn a grown woman question, spins my world like a vinyl
I'm rowing the same wave like a tidal
Wait can I get your name baby that's vital
Or maybe I could ring see it really ain't a thing
As long as the tone ain't dead or suicidal
Thrown by the bed in case she might call
And if she does we talk for hours
I'm phoning like it's April, she's wet without the showers
I cane her like she's Abel, gain the neck without the bowers
She wants it on the table so I lit her like a vowel
Yeah i'm on my give a dog a bone shit
So I give a dog a bone dear and she ain't leaving me alone
Well little did she know
Still I fall asleep and I vision me and my fortunes
Talk is cheap I guess everyone can afford it
We talk for free but we ain't talking in the mornin'
Pay the fee cos she don't sleep we're pillow talkin'
Tryna get her in my song with this hotel dinner
On her IPhone taking photos in the mirror
Bottle after bottle no sympathy for her liver
She's tryna catch a damn moment
Wanna get her price in picture
I'm just tryna place it safe
Says she love me but she's always playing Drake
Says she can't deal with the fuckery
And all these nigga's just the same
And I just want someone to love me Wesley
Why don't no one love me?
Shit I probably know the answer just won't say it to her face
All these silent premenitions
All this Henny in my system really fucking with my vision
She got a lust for something different
She stuck because her woman's intuition, never listen