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[Verse 1]
I've gotta fly out it's urgent
And you wanna see me in person
You want me to pick up the pieces
Shit, I've just got enough time to chill with my nieces
Tell me your secrets
I promise I won't tell a soul
It's hard tryna to reap what I sow and still try to keep you involved
It's mad how you still ain't involved
But what do they know?
How many times have I switched up my flow?
How many times have I given them hope? I don't know wait

Tell me Tell me Tell me Tell me Tell me
How many times is this?
Are you alright with this?
Hell no (wait)

[Verse 2}
3 Months straight done show after show
They wanna question my work rate
I was at work on my birthday
[?] who you're calling the best cos don't fuck with the boy on my worst day
Swear, oh yeah
Most these young boy's are my son's
Staying cosy on the internet
I'm just comfy on my ones
My baby comfy in some heels
Had to text me tell me chill
Dunno if she wanna see me
Or just don't wanna see me kill
Less friends more enemies
Grown men spreading jealousy
Lowkey keep my energy
I've got people tryna get at me wow
Oh shit I'm seeing red
I'm still the coolest in the ends
How you cooler than the coolest? You're foolish my nigga I cannot pretend wait stepback
I had setbacks
I had to sit on the bench
Now I live life how I dreamt Fuck 'em all take offence
I do not care if we ain't friends
People think they know me cos they've seen me on the web
Couple homies I ain't seen for a sec but it's all love
Mummy said she's seen me I look stressed need to cool off
Make a phone call hit the sauna
(Wait lemme deal with this business real quick, I'll shout you in about 2 seconds yeah)
Yeah, if you do not see me I'm working
Ain't got many hours free so I cannot see you for certain
Couple people that I'm swerving
Babygirl please do not make yourself one of those people I'm swerving

Tell me Tell me Tell me Tell me Tell me
How many times is this?
Are you alright with this?
Hell no

[Verse 3}
I built this all on my own
Still they won't give me a break
Lucky I've got more to show
I'm feeling like Sean Diddy Combs on a roll
You niggas remind me of Ma$e, straight