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A2 - Winter Winner

Stepped out the ride and its smokey
Got a side chick she too moany
Says she wants a ring but I think she too phoney
Yeah and I got a link up in Brom and it's cosy
White ting but she shaped like mCcosy
Bam bam with the pebbles for the stoney
And then I make her bed rock like Bon Jovi word up
I'm still ridin' round town with ma homies
New whip, new chains, same old me
Do this then a frame and she's posey
I'm chilling with my bu bu like I'm yoki
She lay bare off her face from the codeine
I got amnesia but she smokes macaroni
I weren't on the list I said bitch I do poetry no lie

I'm four EP's strong making songs with no feature
Drop a new joint when I'm bored go abroad to record
No award just reward me with reefer
In fact give me neither I chill with my feet up
Got meetings with labels thank God they're still eager
Got drink on the table got bottles from Paris but I don't mean to brag but your card probably cheaper and I ain't even lie
Couple niggas that I don't like
Couple bitches that I don't like yeah yeah

Yeah yeah
I just link gang full of GSD
Roll a little, have a smoke
Sippin' on that home alone
My main line ringing ringing won't stop ringing
Bitch I do not answer my phone
A young nigga winter winning, London living, lovely women
Ammi is still my calogne
And the temperatures jumping the city is getting real cold
I swear that I love it
Yeah I'm blowing this weed out in public it's killing my throat
And I never hold onto grudges I just let it go woah
Couple old niggas hanging on their buzzers tryna blow
I play with heart strings like a puppet but fuck it I'm stoned, stoned
How the hell I get home? I've been heavy drinking 4 nights out of 7 girl, how I'm alive heaven knows
The rooms spinning spinning won't stop spinning around
I feel like I'm Kylie Minogue
Every tune I kill it kill it kill it
Lord is my witness I turn every beat into ghosts but still they don't know
Couple niggas that I don't like
Couple bitches that I don't like yeah yeah