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AG The Gr8 - G.O.D

I got the game from God
He told me I was his favorite
Even he know I'm not to be played with
Been a shark in that water since grade 6
My soul and my heart are so sacred
I glow in the dark like Vegas
I know it gets hard just embrace it
You only get far when you pace it
I roll a cigar and I face it
No I'm not a star I'm a spaceship
I came here to conquer the Matrix
Can't swallow the same pill drake did
Pop 2 of future's and go ape shit
Raise the bar like I weight lift
Since age 6 I been great bitch
I'm mistakeless no replacement

I got the game from God
He told me I was his favorite
Cold enough to go against Satan, dope enough I could've worked for Reagan
Growing up I couldn't find patience, blowing up like I am an explosive
Slowing up never I'm too focused, still get inspired by my old shit
Like oh shit who wrote this
Since a young nigga been the goat bitch
I don't do it often but I'm boasting
Even though the flow is still potent
Bitch I got the wave like a ocean, bitch I do not know you don't approach me
Bitch I do not play I just go in, treat that microphone like a trophy
That means I just hold it closely
(I got the, I got the)
(I got the, I got the)

I got the game from God
He told me I was the greatest
The greatest of all his creations
Just gotta stay focused and patient
He told me son you the one, put that on my mama, boy you gon' make it
He told me son keep going dumb, applying pressure on em daily
Pressure on pressure on pressure
I do this shit with no effort
Tee Grizzley with the flex
Real grizzly when you test me
Real deadly Im a weapon
Gotta kill me to impress me
Gotta feel me if you're real, If you're not you're not accepted
I will always be respected
Ten toes when I'm stepping
Ten toes no exception
Ten fold I'm the best and, It's a blessing, no question
You ain't know the flow perfected, you ain't slow enough to catch it
I be throwing up on records
Reckless, aggressive
I don't ever feel threatened
Touch me, test me
Lift ya soul up to heaven
I got the game from God he told me never let em disrespect me
I got the game from God hand picked from heaven always protected