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All Get Out - Come and Gone

Found you kneeling pale and weak
Half your body lie in the creek
Where you've been washing your hands at night
Did you think that there was no one around?
You used to be a still small sound
I think you've followed some bad advice

Did a dark man take you down
To where the rivers end to make a mouth?
Drink this child and you'll be alright
You only follow when the path is lit
After mixing up the dirt with spit
You've been fixing a hole in a broken bridge

Save all your words, write them down, and burn them they're not profound
Oh my God, you are weak, you are a fragile little lamb
Are you lost? Where's your flock?
Where's the old man, the Shepard, the clock?

Love, I still do, probably always
You will find me in a flooded ditch hiding from the storm
I am drowning in my own escape
Is this real? I am waiting
I am waiting for you to save me

You are not coming back
You are a season come and gone
You are vain
You are helpless
You are never looking back for these eyes
They were fixed
Like a picture, like it's frame, they were never intended to leave
Heartless you have faith in a sign on a dollar bill
It's not real
It's a fix from a needle
That doctor doesn't care
Here's your drug, where's your arm?
Is it warm, does it feel like you thought it would