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Allan Taylor - A Promise and a Porsche

As my father lay dying I was holding his hand
He said "Son there's one thing you must understand
When they dealt the cards I got the losing hand
And that's the way it played out for me
'Cause I never got to ride in a real fast car
Or get crazy drunk in a downtown bar
I never even got to go that far
And there was so much I wanted to see"

When he died his ashes came home at last
And I thought about what he would have wanted the most
I bought a real fast Porsche and I damned the cost
I strapped him in, we hit the highway
"Hey old man now you know how it feels
Isn't she just the greatest set of wheels
She's a bright red beauty and she shines like a star
And we're cruising like kings of the highway"

We drove like the wind down to London town
And we got crazy drunk and started falling down
And when a new day broke and we came around
I took him down to look at the sea
We stood on Brighton Beach where it all began
Where my father's son became a man
And I said to him "Now you can understand
What you have meant to me
'Cause I got you that ride in a real fast car
And we got crazy drunk in a downtown bar
And we made it together and we've come this far
And I did it all for you"
Now when I drive that Porsche it means the world to me
'Cause I can be the man he always wanted to be
And if somehow he's looking down on me
I know he'll smile and he'll say "You did it Al"
If somehow he's looking down on me
I know hell smile and he'll say "Hey, you did it Al"