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Allan Taylor - Down the Years I Travelled ...

Down the years I travelled, all the roads I saw
Life was changed forever from all that went before
A young man on his journey, I was one of the favoured few
Driving into the distance, coming into the new
I was coming into the new

Every city, town and highway became a home to me
To walk the streets and byways was where I had to be
And some chance conversation in any downtown bar
Became another travelling song played on my guitar
I played on my guitar

The memories are with me still, but the days are passed and gone
I'm looking to the road ahead with a new day coming on
Maybe there are songs to come, maybe some will fall behind
I will leave them by the roadside for someone else to find
For someone else to find

Now the roads have come together and led me to this place
Some have gone forever and some have left a trace
It's coming 'round full circle to where it all began
I've got my songs and my guitar, and it's time to travel on
It's time to travel on