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Allan Taylor - One Last Smile

When I was young and running free the music flowed like wine
I took it all and then some more, I knew the world was mine
The ladies could always turn my head when they graced me with their company
To those fair ladies I'll raise my glass for they were kind to me

Friends may come and friends may go, some have no time to stay
Some will shake the devil's tail and some just lose their way
To those dear friends I've known and loved I thank you for being there
Your friendship is a memory that nothing can compare

Sometimes I think I got it right, maybe sometimes I got it wrong
I guess it turned out for the best when all is said and done
I'll write a song for those I love, I cannot give much more
I'll turn around for one last smile, before I close the door

Time is moving faster now, time enough to know
Time to make it count somehow before it's time to go

This is not a song of woe, don't let it cause you pain
Even knowing what I know I'd do it all again
I thank you for your company and staying with me for a while
If you have cause to think of me I hope it makes you smile
If you have cause to think of me I hope it makes you smile