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Allan Taylor - The Almost Man

As my father lay dying I was holding his hand
He said "Son, there's one thing you must understand
All my life I’ve been an Almost Man
Don't make the same mistake as me

'Cause I never got to drive a real fast car
Or get crazy drunk in a downtown bar
And I never even got to go that far
And there was so much I wanted to see"

When he made it back from that terrible war
Things were going to be different than they’d been before
'Cause he had a family and a lot to live for
He got a job and he settled down

He worked real hard to keep the family tight
Everyday he did what he thought was right
But he never got ahead and try as he might
He was always just breaking even

And before he knew it, it was all too late
His time had passed and time can't wait
There are some things in life you just can't beat
It's a fight you're never going to win

When he died his ashes were sent through the post
And I thought about what he would have wanted the most
So I went out and bought that real fast car and I damned the cost
I strapped him in and we hit the highway
Hey, old man, now you know how it feels
Isn't she just the greatest set of wheels
She's a bright red beauty of cool polished steel
And we’re going to turn some heads today

And we drove like the wind down to London town
We got crazy drunk and started falling down
And when a new day broke and we came around
I took him down to look at the sea

We stood on Brighton beach, where it all began
Where my father’s son became a man
And I said to him, "Now you can understand
What you have meant to me

'Cause I got you that ride in a real fast car
We got crazy drunk in a downtown bar
And we made it together and we’ve come this far
And I did it all for you"

So I'll take that ride when it's given for free
And I'll be the man he always wanted to be
And if somehow he’s looking down on me
I know he'll smile and he'll say "You did it, Al"

Let's take that drive in a real fast car
Let's get crazy drunk in every downtown bar
Let's get on the road and follow that golden star
And take it all the way to the end
Let's get on the road and follow that golden star
And take it all the way to the end