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Allan Taylor - The Sky

There's a time when the truth is bad
And that's so very sad, I know
When I was a kid like a mother's sigh
I used to hear the freight trains cry
They kept me on the go, you know
Even now I stop to hear
The big trucks a-shifting gear
It's what I want to know, you know

There's a time when the past is past
Filled with things that never last, I know
The freight trains' lonesome whistles cry
Becomes a song but there's the sky
Spring always comes again
That old car, it was Christmas time
Filled with kids and they were all crying
They had no place to go, I know

There's a time when you face your soul
To find if you are true and whole, you know
I remember your face so clear
Sometimes it seems I hear
The softness of your sigh, your sigh
And I remember another time
Autumn's here and summer's dying
You asked me not to go, don't go
There's a time when you face the sky
To find if you are here and why, you know
I like to watch the eagle fly
In the early dawn when the dew's not dry
I hear a rooster crow
Just like a morning star
That you see from afar
Through the clear, clear sky, the sky