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Allister - Stuck powered on

"Stuck Powered On"
I lay down for the night, and rest my weary eyes
Hoping tonight things might change
But in this darkness my thoughts start to multiply
And sanity slowly slips away

And as the sun starts creeping through the cracks between the shades
It calls me out to battle through another day

I just need one more hour to sleep
Sweet relief from the demons in my mind

I toss and turn, but still nothing seems to work
Can't turn off, these nervous thoughts, and though
I'm shutting down my mind's stuck powered on

I peel my body up and pour myself a cup
Go through the motions of the day
And try to figure out a way to reconcile
The two sides at war inside of me

As seconds turn to minutes, and hours into days
My thoughts evaporate into the haze of real life dreams
I need to clear my mind of everything, so that I can get some sleep