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Allister - Tokyo Sunrise

I woke up yesterday 20,000 miles from home
Got a picture postcard from you in my pocket
I woke up yesterday with a burning in my soul
Got this feeling that I might be losing something
That could make my whole world come alive

Have I been a fool for loving you?
How so quickly our hearts collide
Just one look from your eyes and I knew
I would need you the rest of my life
Just one touch from your hand makes me shiver all over inside

I've been waiting for your call
From clear across the ocean
To carry me back home so I can finally rest my head for one more night
Yeah I am begging for one moment
To fall into your arms so I can find
Everything real we both shared that summer night

I woke up yesterday in this cold, downtown hotel
Got a cigarette still burning in my hand
Through my window I watched these trains roll by again
I've been staring at nothing just hoping for something to take me away

Don't think that I wouldn't walk a thousand miles or
Pull the stars out of the sky
Just to have you in my life
We'll take it slow we'll take it easy for a while
Then we'll show the world....
I'm feeling so lonely watching this Tokyo sunrise....