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Altars - Revelation

The things I've seen
Over the past few years
Have only brought despair
I've seen lies, filth, and greed
Consume our lives
And all I can do is stare
I've seen the darkness in the streets
Overcoming my sense of innocence
This is not how I thought this world would be
This is not what I was raised to believe
I've seen the darkness inside me
Sometimes it's the only thing that I see
I'm running out of things to hope for
God give me something to hope for
Jesus reveal your presence to me
Darkness is all I see
God give me the strength to believe
Jesus make known your will for me
God all I'm asking of you is to bring me something to hope for
In myself
I've seen the scum of this Earth
Overcome the beauty
I know I'm called to help
But the path isn't clear to me
So show me