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Anachronaeon - A Secret Revealed

So now I'm back in the States
It's been long since I called it my home
I want to see where Ruben and Nancy lived
But it feels weird to go there alone

2115 Pearl Rose Street
This is where they used to live
There's something fishy about their disappearance
There has to be more to this

I have to find
The truth that's behind
Can't satisfy the demon
That tears me apart from (inside)
Inside of my mind
Questions they blind me
I cannot relax till
One of their bodies are found

At least one of them must be alive

I'm so exhausted now
I feel death breathing down my neck
I feel as if I'm being watched
Feeling lost somehow
Jack got out of the cab
At the end of Pearl Rose street
Ha walked by the scientist's house
Discreetly to get a peak

The front door was kicked in
Quickly he sneaked inside
Drawers and desks turned upside down
Signs of a struggle left behind

Jack observes a box
With a double bottom
He cracks it open
A letter is revealed