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Anachronaeon - Awake From An Evil Dream

I feel like I'm waking up from a bad dream
But as time goes by I realise I'm still in it

Jack gets up from the ground
The sun annoys his eyes
He remembers a strange sign
On the suits of the perpetrators

Jack: I see tiretracks from a big car
It must have been that black van
The firearms I saw
Are exclusively used by the swedish military

So he calls his childhood friend
Swedish General Fredrik Ben
Jack: ...did you write all down?
Please hear with your contacts around

Fredrik: I've heard rumours on the base
Something weird is taking place
I will lay low but I'll look around
Tell the cops what you've found
Storyteller: Jack finds a stingmark at the end of his spine
Jack:I do not see what they would want from me, Am I blind?
When will I wake from this nightmare?