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Anachronaeon - The English Wizard

Framed, I see red, blood of innocence I've shed
And it is my love who's bleeding
Hate, all I feel, signs of truth must be revieled
As I wake up from the spell

Fear inside me, and my future bride impaled
By mistake, my eyes were spellbound
Enemies around me, my fall they wish to see
I have to make this undone

Now I must find, a wizard strong and kind
To help me travel back in time
My servant has to come, I cannot go alone
Together we shall defy evil

The Wizard has a key to the corridoors of time
A strange mix of fluids he'll create
For my eyes but to see, a great mystery
Will I ever see my bride in life

Will I ever see this place again
Will I ever feel her lovely touch
Is the last thing I'll see in this life
The english wizard staring into my eyes