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Anachronaeon - The Inevitable Day

Seasons has changed, and so have I
I sensed something different in the morning air
I woke up surrounded by agents in black
With a smile on my face, today is not my time to die
They cuffed me and pushed me into their van
I did not resist, they cannot touch me
Now I'm sitting in my cell
With nothing but time on my hands
At the trial they declared me mentally ill
As I confessed everything I ever did
It turns out I never had a brother
And they say I never met my father
I cannot believe what they are telling me
And I cannot tell what is fictional or real
Is life but a test that you have to endure?
Maybe only my feelings are real?
That's why I write all this down
This is the truth coming from my own hands
Maybe I haven't killed anyone?
Maybe there is no ethereal throne?
From my isolation I will never learn
The outside world is out of my reach
These questions will drive me insane
God show yourself or this bible will burn!
I cannot believe what they told me
And I cannot tell what actually took place
Was my life but a test that I had to endure?
Maybe only death is real?