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Anachronaeon - The Random Twist Of Fate?

Somewhere in a not so distant future

Six AM, he wipes the sleep from his eyes
Jack is his name, always in shape, physique so strong
Never or seldom he's sick, past 35, though not a wrinkle in sight
Ex international correspondent, though not scarred of this world

Jack: The forest seems calm, but I hear distant chirping
No human in sight, just me and nature

Futher into the greenery I run
Further away from the rays of sun
My pulse is raising with every step
I feel so alive

I feel that I'm not alone
Was there a black van behind that stone?
The sound of feet are following me
But there's no one in sight

Suddenly I hit the ground
Silhouettes surrounding me
A wet rag in my face
Brings me dreamless sleep
I could never believe
Could never foresee
This happening to me

Just a piece in a game?
Am I going insane?
What do they want from me?

I'm drifting away