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Anagnorisis - 5306 Morningside

In these halls I wept as great deceivers bow and lose the head
Your time the corpse and mine the earthly shroud
Topside of this crooked life it's all just dirt

I was born to cover up your scent
The muck of life on the back of death
To fail each other now is to occupy the moments in between our lies
As Judas, I'd single you out and gladly hang
My life has always been one step above the grave

You created this Christ-like life
You wanted something born to break

Something wrong to save
Held breath in the lungs of hate

The exhale, the faithless chant
Foundations built on sand
Only one set of footsteps in my past

If not myself then no one
No God to give me light!

No crutch-shaped cross in my hand
No idols or words of worship from these lips
No past atonements for my actions

All I see is you in these eyes: hideous, most precious, and closest to home
The rough side of a polished mask is my true self

To wear away the shame of lineage in these veins

I surrender no light in this shit life
I hear your words on dated lies

You always provoked the best in me by showing me the worst of you