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Anagnorisis - Birth of the Pariah

Scatter the ashes. ra`wach shager. ruins of our lives. salvation by fear. the changing of the hands. self annihilation. with every breath I ingest a thousand razors into my chest. how could liberation and death coincide? ambivalent suicide. behold the cosmic sadist. his veiled allure. the faceless henchman's baited breath. for the next miserable murder. coerced into guidance. rasha'yad and folly. this caustic coercion. unwarranted conversions. in these arms is solitude. mind and body revolt against my very nature. i face everything alone. a bent knee is a velvet noose. how long will I pray until you cut me loose? the gallows are your gallery. who is my indigent savior? how long will the blind lead the blind? how long will I sleep in oblivion? when will sanity be mine? SHARAH ABADDON: the destroyer. ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT. DE PROFUNDIS SHARAH ABADDON. ACCIPERE QUAM FACERE PRAESTAT INJURIAM. when the streets run red with the blood from my chest and the knife finally rests in my hand