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Anagnorisis - Bountiful Godless Life

A sea of hollowed stalks
Breaking in the wind
Weathering the torment
Without sickle bringing end

Diseased wrought and dying
Lusting for the dust
Soil longing to be nourished
Selfishly awaiting the rotting husk

In this bountiful godless life!

Call to the end
A playwright always has a stop
Burdened by social taboos
Nailed to the fucking cross
Ending life before god’s time
A testament to true satanic rite
Transcending beyond all light

Illuminated by fire
This weakened state
Like a temple set ablaze
Tearing at the roots
To purge this buried fear
Shedding this christian skin
To be reborn in blackest sin!

Scorching this field of purgatory
Intent on ending this plague
Every grain blanketed by ash
As pantheons
Dawn a reddish haze
I'll lay down my arms
When everything I know is dead and gone

There is no dying, alone
Only leaving or being left behind

In this bountiful godless life
Nothing is forbidden
Doing what must be done
Through self-annihilation

No honor in existing for others
Everyone will fail you, in due time
Fear no man, or god
As you walk away from the sun