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Anagnorisis - Corpse in the Silo

I can feel its decrepit hand. beneath my chin. intent to strangle me. its soft caress. sweet death. free me from the confusion that cripples me. stumbling through oblivion. 'neath the shade of overton trees. drowned myself in cult blood. worshiping the god of sorrow. his victims know him by many a name. in the mouths of the deceased love and hate taste the same. in a sense so serpentine. innocence of a child. endearment like a false hope. adoration benign. one touch of her rotten hand. the vile stench of spiritual death. decayed bride of primal lust. her coffin is her bed. i can see the infirmary in your vapid eyes. you've nothing to offer me but toil. you are whore's breath and royalty. you are cadaver's saliva and fine oil. your hands un-calloused by labor. sought to bury me in the soil. alight you are in a pyre. for venomous witchery. crying for my hand. a violent task. to strike you down with the rest of the damned. your self-inflicted torture. happy burden on your chest. promiscuous kiss. escape artist. the whore of developmental unrest. your life is an unkept grave with no mourners to see. buried 'neath the autumn harvest. you are a ghost of who you could be