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Anagnorisis - Eulerian Path

Twilight and high tide
Drowning myself in the darkness
God’s light removed
Innocence lost in the current

Born from the stars of a different hemisphere
I am the black flame
Swallower of light

Abuse to photosynthesize
Fictitious peace blooming in distress
Morning glory mourning through
Vegetation whispered lullabies
Looming dawn tearing at the night


The world tree’s void is my seed
Embracing ideation fantasy
Nowhere to hide but eternal night
In reflection, through taking the helm
Divine presence deceased
Truth within this solitude
No trinity, only me
Violence, heralding in a new path

A new era of unrelenting woe
Imprisoned within my caustic flesh
A sentence not placated by time
Abandoned and misled from life
No guided path back from sacrifice