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Anagnorisis - Night Skies Over Nothingness

It's time to snuff this torch of yours
I've held on for far too long
Let the embers fade and pass
Red with fury into a spectral haze

Memories and dreams burn thin
Turned to ash and spread like your final wish

My life commemorates your past tense
Yet this light I call my own
No longer leads that path
Foot in mouth instead of tail
Chewed like the fool until there's no way left to stand

No longer claiming ruined flesh
Just wasted time in wasted skin
Wasted namesake to pass mental disease
Afraid to exist
So exhausted from hiding

Disbelief in make believe
Nothing more than the best and worse for you

We darken the sun with ouroboros eclipse
I wear this crest now instead of Kerr
In hindsight I've always been the black son
The singularity of this black hole
Night skies over nothingness
Stardust lost to emptiness

I lived hell for both of you
Bound by blood and bone
Wearing abuse that's not my own

These tides crashed over all our lives making waves in twilight

Our lives can't cross anymore
Yet we both expire all the same
In the same space. At the same time
Traverse particles in dark matter collide

Not glass houses but a hall of mirrors is where I dwell
With every crack I die and then born again
So many versions of this pain within these panes
All staring back and all fucking the same

Words dispelled and curses lifted
Only I can haunt myself with memories that don't die

These memories a loop in which I dwell
This disappointed youth in which I fell
This sadness is a loop in which I dwell
Until that loop tightens to end this hell