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Anagnorisis - The Great Divorce

Fall into the arms of my phantom limb faith. the gentle touch of christian psychosis. the christ syndrome transitively realized. this masquerade: religious neurosis. savior haematidrosis. swallow the pills. kneel to the cross. pray to the savior. accept my loss. steeples to burn in a world full of heathen. spiritual subservience is the road to ignorance. i commit my self to restless oblivion. to the soul harvest and its scarecrow crucifixion. a life time of love’s labor lost through the stigmata hands of a mandrake savior. anything to feel alive. swallow the pills. fill the void inside. lithium. salt for my wounds. the blank eyed congregation at the sermon of doom. gagged and bound to only our denial. it’s not faith but our willingness to believe that is so vile. ignorance is bliss. even as i am aware I persist. with martyr's blood wipe away the judas kiss