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Ancient Dome - MassMedialized

[Verse 1]
Wherever I take a look
The ads dictate how I should appear
They give Advice about the kind of idiot you should be…
You all pay for your dignity

[Verse 2]
I don’t belong to a world like this
All that interests us is a pile of shit
Our life-style is led by Sex appeal
We want the best with the the highest-price

[Verse 3]
Come on turn on that hypnotizing screen
It’s what you need, you slaves to bullshit
The pigs are getting fatter
Day after day they eat your earnings

Meanwhile our culture is trembling
Ideals fall into oblivion abyss
You’re all preprinted prototypes
They want you brainwashed and Massmedialized

[Verse 4]
I don’t wanna live in a world like this
All you want is what’s got the highest-price
I belong to a different way of thinking
Your greatest ambition is how you look


[Verse 5]
Corrupted society, few who resist
Manipulated information
Brainwashing media, with strength we deny
The bonds of fashion, cosmetics make you blind