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ANCST - ​abysm of existence

The circle is complete, now I am the enemy
Trapped in my shattered husk, now I will suffocate
A life of lies where nothing means a thing, born into madness
I recall the pillars of the past, monuments of failure
I recall butchering myself to fit in with all you rats
There will be no peace, there will be no justice
All I know is this hunger for salvation
I foresee the end, the end of this damnation
All I ever wanted is to be free
Rest assured it will come to this, I will dwell in silence
Day after day, the same repetition
I gaze starwards, while I wither
No mortal triumphs will echo in these halls of steel
So bitter, so futile, the collapse is all I see
I bear the scars of your hollow world, pulled apart and fed to this nothingness