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ANCST - Entropie

I seeked light in darkness while i found death in life
We are free to choose our destinations but destined to follow the given paths. civilized freedom is just one more fucking compromise that keeps us separated in your binary coded systems
You choke, i breathe, you cry, i release, is this cure, are we fortuned
Our common relief. another wasted moment within this sea of shit
Still haunted by yesterdays dreams we all seem to hate so passionate. still threatened by the urge of change. another tyrant that claims the throne. still nothing changes. whilst looking at our miserable lives time still moves on. would it be like all of this never happened?
Expl: Us humyns are bound by the lie of taking advantage through every given possibility in our 21st century society
However those possibilities are limited. We're not free to choose our sexual orientation or gender. We're separated as a result of our origins, social or financial backgrounds. We're forced to yield to this common idea of efficiency. And on the other hand any effort of emancipation is going to be disabled in many repressive actions through isolating laws or violent reactions from different humyn macrocosms. This is not about changing society at once. Or changing laws or governments or fighting cops. It's about unterstanding the mechanisms we're dealing with each day and the effort to change individually while reflecting the misconceptions that surround us. Entropy explains somehow the disorder of a system
A system which seems to be limited and classifies into black or white patterns.There is neither black nor white