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ANCST - Quicksand

[Verse 1]
You have died a social death
Lost in tradition, rearranged
You have become the instrument of a system you once despised
You know the answers, stop asking questions
All you longed for, it can't be this
You have given in
Make the final cut
Drifting into nothingness, kept entertained for a purpose
We are born to fit your grid
No freedom of choice, no autonomy
We're waging war armed only with our workforce
Human cattle, blinded by our ignorance

[Verse 2]
Torrents of exploitation, an ailing society
Capable of so much, but we can't get rid of slavery?
Human life, reduced to time and force
Beneath our skin and bones, we are nothing
All your life, you have obeyed
All this wasted time, you can't buy it back
Wake up and rise again