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ANCST - Republic of Hatred

[Intro: Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North]
I know what I feel is not scientific, it's not rational
I feel hate
I feel pure fucking hate

Isolated and disgusted, I watch you fail each other without remorse
Trapped in your timeline, you're obsolete
The times are changing and so should you
I watch you kill, pollute and steal in a world forged in rage
Gifted by your makers you repeat, compete, destroy
Anxious and betrayed, leery and left alone, Eastern sheep, Western prey
All you know is what is taken, terrified by social change
I hear you scream for seizure of power, longing for security
You demand a reign of terror, the sheep they must be slain
Servants of populism, bourgeois scavengers, the plague of hatred
Don't stand by and let them rule