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ANCST - Shackles of Decency

So tired of living
As I watch you burn and fade
Can't stand the look of you
Your presence disgusts me
We have been the same
Now I am an alien to you
Outcast and uprooted

A pool of living ideas
Reduced to a puddle of backwardness
I thought we were the same
Unity instead of purity

And as I watch you flake
From the solid ideas
I ask myself
Was this really you?

Was this really you?
Was this really me?

Debating inside these trenches
As the world breaks apart
Children of resentment
We are our own worst enemy
Break the shackles of decency
We've had enough of bigotry
Wrestle all your virtuous emotions
Hand in hand out in the open
I aim for liberation
No more hatred, no exploitation
I aim for equality
For diversity and autonomy
No more walls, no more gods and masters
Everyone a king or queen
I'm sick of you tearing us apart
Divided we will all fall