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ANCST - ​Unmasking the Imposters

Suffocated and strangled by regulations
Stabbed in the back by the vultures of this bubble
Empty eyes that gaze through us
Mouths filled with shit, fiends where once where friends

Your desire, your childish conceptions
You envenom our minds with vanities
So cynic, so antiquated
There's just black and white in your box of paints

How could I fall for these
Narrow-minded and crooked impostors?
How could I be so wrong?
There is nothing left for us except these broken dreams

Shitfaced tricksters that roam the fields where we belonged
Stuck in their vortex, doomed to know better

You arrogate to police our thoughts
You won't tell me what is right or wrong

Two-faced hypocrite, your double-life betrays you
And unmasks the poser you are

Portrayal of society
You are a piece of shit
Fake and distorted
Self-exploiter, self-exposer
And as time goes by you will fade
Into oblivion, into nothingness