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Antix - 21c (Ft. Antix)

[Verse 1]
I used to spend all my summers, playing on the roofs
21c like a dream with no proof
That it ever did exist, that it wasn't just a dream
That seems to persist
My little place I can go and see your face
Smell the food you made, I can recollect taste
Remember that horrible fish stew you made
Huh, we laughed for like a day
And you'd be tired when you come from work
Put your legs up, on the couch cuz they'd hurt
Then I'd fetch you a couple G & T's
I do the same thing, the same demon is in me
Dear Mama, we're so much alike
So much the same, you're so much alive
In every single tear that I cry, every smile I create, every word that I write
You used to talk to me like I was grown man
I always loved that about you, so know that
You would say to me that I'm precocious
It's cuz I watched you, the object of my focus
And to this Mama, you're my hero
Supported us on your own, and you feared no
Unknowns, straight in to the mist
It's like my air's gone, that's how much you've been missed

[Verse 2]
I remember when I found you alone
In your room, crying on your own
You were scared and I'd comfort you then
I wish I could go back and hold you again
Never occurred to me that you could go
People tried to tell me just how sick that you were
Never really crossed my mind
You're a warrior, and warriors don't die
I was right, and I knew I was right
I feel your life force pulsing inside
Every single dream that you had, I'ma live them for you
Smile don't be sad
Cuz I
Can see your face, shining through
In the night
And I
Can hear your voice, talk to me
When I'm in my dreams
And I, I
Miss the way, that you glow
And I, I
Miss the way you touch my soul

[Verse 3]
I remember being young, and more dumb
Luxuries in life we could afford none
Back when we had to pay rent
But rent don't come cheap when paying for three
Meant to eat
Blue eyed queen like the sea
Australia's jewel, you'll always see me
Sun-burnt country, missing you dear
Sun's over here [?] we're missing you here
When I'm alone, I groan for you mama
I wish you could see what I grown into mama
I grew up and took all your sweet charm
Your natural grace, can't find that calm though
I'm as hyper as you were, hyper [?]
When we get angry, our tongues is like vipers
Spit venom and take it all back
Cuz once it's been said, it's love they know that
I would do anything in this life
To have you scream at me just one more time
To have you say my name in that criss-cross accent
Which changed like the wind, great little actress
"My name, Senor Lionel, is Mercedes Mana Ventura
Mana Ventura, the name means nothing to you?"

I musta seen that play like 20 damn times
You lit up the stage when you came out every night
Sorry we didn't see you in "Arms and the Man"
I'd be sitting in the front row now if I can
I want you know I'm your number one fan
All I wanna do is hold your hand, give you little kiss
And say goodnight, goodbye
Do it right this time
But in the end though, we're just little flashes
Little moments in time that are captured
Shine through, the eye of the night
I see you shining little star, shine bright

Cuz I
Can see your face
Shining through
In the night
And I, I
Can hear your voice
Talk to me, when I'm in my dreams
And I, I
Miss the way
That you glow
And I, I
Miss the way you touch my soul
[Verse 4]
I remember all the fights you and dad used to have
Sebastien used to try to break them up, it was so sad
So much fire in you both, and neither of you had an ounce of control
And I turned out the same, I got no restraints
One of my weakness, to many different strengths
But you know I wouldn't change not a one
If my faults are from you then I'll keep every one

I miss you, I really do
So many things I feel I owe you
But I'm secretive, just like you
No one see the pain I go through
And although I didn't know it back then
You are a queen mama, a queen amongst men
A queen amongst queens, a queen amongst gods
A queen amongst whoever there was

And I love you, to the day I die
You always told me the way was fly high
And I learned, though it sometimes seemed
I wasn't listening I was an arrogent teen
I live my life without the taste of regret
But there's a few I can't shake quite yet
So angel of life, forgive me
I wish you could hold me, wish you could kiss me
And I"m guilty of so many things
I could've been there for you
You're in my dreams
But when I wake up wish dreams didn't end
Cuz I'll never get to see you again