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Antix - Is It Too Late For Us? (Spoken Word)

Once upon a time I knew a girl named Esmerelda
And I killed her when I told her that I never really felt her
She looked at me and smiled and then she flew into the mist
And became one of those stories that don't really have no gist

[Verse 1]
But such is summer's love, it's a transient affair
It's a whisper in the wind
A candle flicker in the air
It's a lock of golden moment, if you ever try to hold it
But then the storm comes and it's gone and you can never really own it
It belongs to distant times, like a legend or a myth
Upon which the importance of facts just don't exist
Infant smells or the chiming of those bells
That sang outside your window when those ceremonies swelled
Soft noises playing while you're sleeping as a child
But then you wake to find the world you're living in is growing wild
The innocence you had has turned old and insincere
You think back to Esmerelda and wish that you could see her
A reminder of the purity, of the sanctity of life
I didn't think I loved her but I think back to all those nights
Lemonade and grass fields, the deepest bluest eyes
The simplest type of love that stays with you all your life
Clouds like soft regret hang above your head
A reminder of the things you should never forget
Rivers and progression always keep their form
But never stay the same from that duality you're born
[Verse 2]
So I would live for it, kill for it, love for it, I'd cry for it
I ain't afraid to die so if you want I'll give my life for it
Cause empty words mean nothing, yeah we stood for something
Change-makers, baby now we're pushing buttons
Going through those motions, yeah those seven ages
Young child you used to be so tenacious
Then it sets in, routine, son better keep your boots clean
Your clock ticking, your desk space, back drop or that blue screen
Superimpose your life and the details round it
Dreams of your youth, well you went and drowned them
Ballerina lady, yeah she's dead and gone
Now you're singing those flat notes to someone else's theme song
Talking about life's hard, gotta pay those bills, have the right car
This that, right Pa?
Live this way, right Ma?
No no, I'm sorry dear, you've got these things all wrong
You're doing things you don't want
Maintaining a life you don't want
Go back and ask that child of 5 what they want out of this life
Trust me when I say that they ain't saying they want that 9 to 5
Working for some man, trying to make him rich
Forget that!
Pack up and get out your walking stick
You waiting for that caner, or that dementia to set it?
Trust me when I say that it'll be too late to then begin
Empower yourself, no…devour yourself
You only got yourself to blame when in that hour you're dealt that last card
That final straw, break backs when you fight more
Think bigger and if not…what are you alive for?
I saw my sweet Mama struggle for her life
How dare you give yours up, without even a fight
[Verse 3]
There's old people that think youth is wasted on the young
Looking back at us because they've seen what life's become
A series of nurses, please help me up, I hurt this
My neck bone, my back bone, my bowel's gone, my hip's blown
Would give every penny they have from out their wealth
To be out there, away from that lonely window sill
The birds chirping, sun shining
Friends in the next room flatline-ing
Ghosts walking, ghosts talking
Ready for that pine lining
Now look at you, youth and beauty
Spending all your years doing society's duty
Forget society and those implanted expectations
If money was no object you would not be hesitating
To move quicker, change scenes
Paint pictures and paint dreams
Live life like tomorrow don't exist because today seems
The most important moment, of your very life
And if you ain't living it right your don't deserve to have that right
I woke up one day, with dreams of time gone by
I looked into my past to see what I could find
And staring back at me was the corpse of Esmerelda
She died of broken wings and I never got to tell her
Thank you for the innocence, thank you for the smiles
Thank you for waking up my dormant inner child
Thank you for the sunshine, thank you for the wind
And sweetheart I loved you back, truly that I did
And every single one of you was friends with Esmerelda
Even though like me you will never get to tell her
The only thing to learn, when I look back into her face
Is live your life for now, before you find that it's too late