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​apandah - GAMEFREAK

[?] C C C goth
This nigga don't even know what the fuck he's doing

I just plugged in my Nintendo, bitches wanna hop on my dick comprendo
They really think my cock is on their menu, I was like "Nah, let me play this demo"
All you rap bums spam the same shit, cool, we know you like to get your dick wet
I don't want chains unless if it chomps, the only black this feline gonna get is ops
Why none of you talk about your dream job? All you drug attics gonna end up in rehab
Rather play a Gameboy than rap that gang shit, gun life sucks, I like that 8-bit
Insert ironic funny about gaming, gang weed, incel, virgin complaining
Bitches see me clench that controller and cum, it be their new favorite flavor of trident gum
Like this line I rapped about puss, not flexing just saying how it is
Just beat your girl in Mario Kart, smashing that pussy like I be Reinhardt
People say this rap is scummy, I just find the words "cock" and "balls" funny
I'm in this bitch playing Pokémon, her dad walks in, call me kecleon
I think girl likes my flow, I like the way she sucks on my toes
Panda can't rap, Panda be trash, reminder; I'm the ignition to your mothers gas
Still making yo moma jokes after 5, my friend Akiio told me to get a life
These women asses out lookin like baboons, skrrt out here like a villager with balloons
Lyricism runs through my veins like heroin, except I'm not a World War II veteran
You dumb goobers call me goofy, I'm mickey, this is my movie
I usually beat my dick to pixels, Star Fox 64, that cooch' crystal
Why you rappers got a big ego? Shit so high it makes snoop look like the sea floo-
Maybe it's the face-tats I won't understand, music so dry it crusty like the sand
I don't even know anything about music, these words just pour out like fluid
Stupid white boy, well not completely, my boo leaves a scent like graffiti
Don't worry though, I'll pick up my shit up quickly
Call me next time you get your ass fucked sweetie
I, I've sucked my own...
Wii Sports
N-, Not real life
Ah, you know
Whatever, piss off