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Astra (US) - The Black Chord


Threadbare, the nightmare
Summoning the sound
From out of the darkness

Sun cracked, the abstract
Seer of the sand
At mountains of madness
Crash land

Told the tall tale
Chapter and the verse
On the balance
Bounty and a curse
Into bright white
Only to reverse
For the Earth
Swallows whole

Tic toc stop
The draining body cold
Demon claws they
Crack the crust
To cascade through the fold
Bottomless the
Black gates lie
To trap the rapturing
Choking on the
Bated breath
The brink of capturing
Shadow sister fate
Sharp tongue, black lung
Cursed cries the unclean
Lightless, dark cess
Burning breath the unseen
Last gate, mutate
Drawn upon the mad score
Wayworn, reborn
Awakening the black chord