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BA2 - Buena Vida

I'm just sitting here faded
Discussing money problems with niggas I get paid with
Cause money ain't never made sense
And some of the girls I laid with I'm happy I never stayed with
Man I dodged them bullets like the matrix
I'm loved and I'm hated
You see hoes and have relations
Me and goes have no relation
No debating I'm just saying
That, we ain't on the page to have stimulative conversations
I'm on dates no expiration
They're just basic man let's face it
Rules are meant for breaking
I'm snoozing in the AM's up in studio in the PM's
Probably in your girlfriend DM's
Twitter things, she forgot to mention she was taken
But the mind versus the heart is like when Freddie versus Jason
Twitter after dark, one eye on me like the masons
But I'm strictly 'bout that money
Lovey dovey never paid rent
Or for them Prada patents
Bruddas told me to have patience
Now there horse shoes on my denims
And them red stains on the pavement

Scene full of artist I'm the only nigga painting
Been through the hardest all these trials and tribulations
Tryna' chase this money but I'm tripping on my lace
I ain't tripping over bitches they ain't with me I replace em'
Trip to the Bahamas smoking ganja with Jamaicans
Thinking 'bout my father I ain't heard from him in ages
Henny with the codeine in the darkest situations
So low I swear I could see satan
Solo on my own
I ain't riding with them pagans
Queen runs the city got my niggas out here slaving
City full of crack it reminds me of the Haitians
I know City's got my back
Knew that nigga since the play pen
Tryna' keep me out the trap and stay trapped in education
I'm an addict to this cash
They can't see the fascination
Queen Elizabeth it's a mad infatuation
Tryna' get it till death
That's my only aspiration I'm just saying
Can't a young nigga get money anymore
Tell them labels it's A2 that's knocking at the door
Can I get an album deal and maybe one tour
Cause in 22 now I need a meal by 24
And we be catching Zeds
But nigga we do not snore
And if the money don't sleep I'm in deep you're at the shore
If looks could you take and peak and your a corpse
RIP, entrepreneur I need my face up in the forbes
Plus a Panamera Porche
House with four floors
Spouts but no whore
Her blouse is C Dior
My money's looking Crouch
While your stack is seven dwarf
Bank balance is a challenge it's Yoda, feeling the force
Too short, your chick is getting bored
She held my pouch and now your love life is on pause
The king of hearts
Ace of Spades I let her pour
My model hand on my bottle
I'm letting her pop the cork
And she said can't young nigga get money anymore
We eat bread cause I break it like it's the law
Or the last supper
I know my pasts tougher
But the future keeps telling me look forward
Dot told me A2 they can't handle you
The doc told me I'm fly when I just had the flu
They're lying down they can't stand the truth
Don't talk to me about music my nigga I'll embarrass you
Toast to buena Vida still screaming asta la vista
If money grows on tree then I'm posted up by the tree trunk
With a fly diva flying without a visa
Knightsbridge shopping on her visa
Get it
Loves designer river island is beneath her
Doesn't ever smoke she might do a little shisha
T-Shirt and her panties on something like Adina
Now her t-shirt and her panties on the floor we need to clean up
We got company