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Birdman & Lil Wayne - Loyalty

You know while your mother is cooking the macaroni today
I figured I'd sit down and talk to you since your old enough
You know it's time that you really realize what this family is all about
'Cause about this time is when your gonna be able to join in
And earn some real money and real cash
But before you do that, I wanna teach you a little bit about loyalty
The main name of this game is respect and loyalty
Family is a big thing
When we do this kind of business, everything is with respect
And when a family member gets outta line and another family don't like it
One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, your gone
And then your just a memory of me, my hearts broke then
But you gotta remember, theres always family and loyalty
Loyalty is the main thing
Obviously you know I don't make my money
I don't make all my cash from goin' to work everyday
All these construction jobs we do and sanitation and private stuff
Is all from earned money through the family
And since your of age now I think it's time I taught you
What coming into the family and respect is all about
So the first thing you gotta learn is the name respect
That means you don't cross nobody, you don't go over the line
Once you go over that line, there's no coming back
Whether you're a member of the family or not
That's when people get whacked
And we don't want nobody whacked in our family
So I gotta teach you the proper way of respect
When you're earning money, everybody earns
Everybody eats bread, it's all about cash money
That's what it's all about, making the money
So the first thing of business is this
You remember your name, you don't forgets your roots
You never ever disrespect anyone that's above you
Especially your Capo, especially the big time guys
Those are the guys you listen to
You never ever disrespect anyone, unless your told to
Unless you get the okay
And if there is no sit down, there's nothin'