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[Verse 1]
You left me when I needed you most
My mind and soul falling apart, my body bleeding and broke
Heart pounding 'til I felt the final beat in my throat
Now when I'm looking in the mirror all I see is a ghost
Boo. I guess I'm the white Casper
Oh, he's already white? Uh, fuck it- I write blacker
I meant darker and deeper, I'm like Campbell
Or Blackwood, or Lovecraft or even Edgar Allen
So many references, definitely I'm back with
A vengeance, but what do you expect with a white rapper?
Just for a glance or slight chance I might catch her
I'm camped in a white van outside of her night classes
For the venue tonight, dressed to the nines and quite dapper
With a full black suit and type-hat like Mike Jackson
With the white gloves, but they might color switch right after
Time will only tell us what tonight might unravel
Out early from class, it appears it's quite cancelled
I lower my seat kind of how I lowered my standards
I'm playing it cool, like an ice pack, there's
Only a minute left til I jump out and I grab her

[Verse 2]
You really did a number on my mental
So tonight I'm repaying the favor back to you, tenfold
You notice I'm patiently waiting and begin to tremble
But I'm quick to the draw, pulling the drawstrings, let's go
Traffic swerving, zoom zooming like a Mazda ad
Ain't got a plan but I'm a man and god, I've got a van
Ah shit yeah, in the back's a monstrous can of noxious gas
So quit the hollering or I'mma send you off to la la land
Stop the damn screaming bloody murder, quit bouncing too
Bet your damn ass the vans padded and it's sounded proof
From the front to back, and wall to wall and fucking ground to roof
Like a ghost in plain sight, there ain't no sense in shouting boo
Two miles out, I got a deadline to meet
You got one too. I'm bound to make a fucking headline this eve
You're bound too. By your hands, head, neck, thighs and feet
Just lean in closer babe, I got a little question, do these
Rags smell like chloroform or fucking enzymes and bleach?
As you slowly inhale, I slide you inside a sheet
It's kind of rude of you, I thought you would have said bye at least
Goodnight my dear little angel, you bet it's bed time my sweets
[Verse 3]
We're pulling up at the desert location
Where my utility toolkit is presently waiting
The past is the past, and now the present is wasting
So let's treat it like a gift, a special occasion
I unwrap you from a sack in the back of the van
You see a chance and you dash as fast as you can
You're a speedy little bitch, a Labrador, damn
You nearly made it out the door but I'm grabbing your hand
Come on girl you know you ain't no fucking Usain Bolt
Quit making a scene now, this ain't no fucking movie role
Hold on to your seat the scene I'm bout to paint, though
Is sure to make em say "Whoa" more than two rainbows
I got a couple of knives and a satchel of tools
That are rusted and kind of a hassle to move
But I can't stop now, cause when I plan, my planning goes through
It's finally time for us to bury the hatchet, and you