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Black Teeth Red Gums - Savage Bars (Ft. Dudluck, K21, Lariken & Manaz)

[Intro (Sampled)]

[Verse 1: [?]]
I spit them savage bars for you to sleep where the maggots are
[?] pain, I feel what I feel like [?]
How can I [?] rappers in the back of my abattoir
Leave you black and blue like Samuel Jackson [?]
The nasty runts swinging at cunts with their knuckle busters
[?] fuck you and your mother's a gunta ([?])
[?] gon' stick it in your misses [?]
[?] like smelly fish and maggots

[Verse 2: [?]]
I fight fair, but I've never had a fair fight
Nightmare when you see me tryna grab a spare knife
In my spare time I gather cadavers and their eyes
I'm a monster, but this shit makes my heart tick
[?] spits garbage, so I [?] the [?]
You're feeling lethargic and you're loosing energy
You are my target [?] why I choose my enemy
Is that you brown-nosing artists like the Human Centipede

[Verse 3: [?]]
I will be remembered a king
So you can fuck off if you ain't got nothing better to bring
You see, I got the sharpest rhymes [?]
Separates and severs your limbs, I'll sever your septum
In seventy seconds in seventy seperate sections
You ain't got time to waste so I'll be sending heaven the message
My reckless aggression will have you definitely begging
For God's forgiveness and blessing, so beg for confession
Ayy, [?]
[Verse 4: [?]]
Tell your bitch to get set for the next best
Haters try and save their life, I tell 'em to expect death
Fuck the world, yo, I got Mother Nature's legs spread
Player 'til I die and get a head on my death bed
Tellin' deaf dudes I'm the shit like, "Ain't you suckers heard?"
Put the world in my hand, I crush the Earth to dust and dirt
So the thought of suckers serving me is just absurd
When I stick 'em up for verses then I have 'em stumped for words

[Verse 5: K21]
It's the digital two stepper, a sixteen-bit loop wrecker
Baby spider monkey with a new sweater, crews enter the door
But never before rocking like we do
We [?] 'til they jockin', they ain't stoppin' [?]
Now little Johnny was shot 'til he popped a half a gram
Of Temazepam for the [?] fam, what a master plan
So go on kiddo [?]
Stop fuckin' with busted knuckles [?] park the van

[Verse 6: [?]]
Vultures of everythin' and [?] the heaviest
This unholy experiment will insult your intelligence
Listen, ready for action and we're steadily snappin'
Just a terrible babblin', another therapy chapter
This the murder game, you burn away, I turn to flames
Callin' me Wolverine, I'm comin' with berserker rage
Ayy, here's an intelligent pun
I'm both one of a kind, that's second to none, bitches
[Verse 7: [?]]
Gather up the certified, in your eyes [?]
Backyard doctor type, yeah, [?]
[?] still she's as stiff as bricks
Take a dump on her chest like, "Can you feel this shit?"
Angry like a [?] dog, got no time for tricky whores
Hit you with the body shots and I don't mean like Micky Ward
I'll [?]

[Verse 8: Dudluck]
I got a giant [?]
Fifteen I started rhyming, I knew it was right
Sit there thinkin', "What the hell am I doing at night?"
But I'll be fine as long as I [?] pursing a mic
Shit's methodical the way I be layin' [?]
Sometimes it feels like I'm making my way in the dark
Want a peaceful life [?] angels who playin' the harp
Got the Devil sayin', "Jamie just stay [?]"