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Bobby McFerrin - Friends

Of all life's treasuries
One is most preciously
Kept in my heart
And that's the loyalty of friends
And family gathered 'round
And making joyous sounds
Familiar voices warm the heart
I find myself alone and feelin' blue
Then I know what to do
I phone my friends in melancholy
And then sometimes I'm filled with doubt
Something will chase it out
It's having friends, their faith will win it out

The problems that we face
Are easier to take when you have friends
To share the ways and how you knew
That they will share the load
And you can always go by day or night
You know that you're with folk, of course
I know that some of you
Can't think of any who
You might call friend
But listen and I'll tell you that
You've heard it said before
And of it's truth i'm more
Convinced that you have friends just be one
No thing comes even close
To what we treasure most
Then to be with friends