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Bobby McFerrin - Mere Words

All these songs of love's first flight
They don't sing ours just right
So I stayed up have the night
To write a song of love for you

There are the words that say these things
But I can't think of one that brings
All the joy that I could sing in a song of love for you

This is crazy
I'm so hazy
And not so sure of myself
All the love I feel in my heart for you
A mere song couldn't handle
So I'll abandon this project
Who am I foolin'
I know full well
I just thought if you didn't know yet
That I need your love to see me through

Yes, I'm a failure
I couldn't see my way through to the end
I know we're not through, my friend
There's so much for us left to do
Cause there's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you