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Brighton Rock - Mr. Mistreater

King of thieves pulling up with
A rock n roll swindle
Dirty deeds and his hands
Go for your throat
He just a big time boss
Locked up in the radio wave
You just a fast Talkin'
Smooth walkin hustler on the weak you pray

Famous lines from a movie
You've seen before
Cold, cold, heartless one
Buy Judas lies, he's out for even more

Take my money and run
Cause it's payback time for Mr. Mistreater
Still bleeding me dry Mr. Mistreater

Shark attack as he's cruising for another victim
Trying to sell,
Sell back what he stole from ya one by one (one by one)
Getting high on the west coast party time
In the cesspool where you live
He's got my money
And he's living like a millionaire
Keep telling lies, I've heard them all before
Cold cold heartless one
Kiss it goodbye
Even up the score

Ain't bleeding me dry Mr. Mistreater

So it's payback time Mr. Mistreater
The saint is just another sinner
And the pen is mightier then the sword
Payback time kiss my...

Lead break

Starry eyed a world of deceit
Crucified against the wall
No compromise, liar and cheat
No sympathy, time for you to fall