Brown Sam - Please feat. vaughn pm

(Brown Sam)
You can - you could probably just move it forward

(Bill Walton)
The two toughest guys I ever had to play against in the low post, Abdul Jabber and Kevin McHale. This guy Olajuwon is really a combination of the two with the strength of Jabbar. the moves, the light feet of McHale... Almost a combination of Mozart and Beethoven!

(Brown Sam)

(Vaughn PM)
Yeah yeah
(Brown Sam)

(Vaughn PM)
Yeah yeah
Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang Big Gang
Tell me
What would you not do for the kid?
A teammate with the frontin'
Playas all up to somethin'
Got gas and rhythm
Got white, Kris Jenner
Uncle used to ride spinners
Now I'm shinin' like it's me
We get it back from your plug
He think he lit cause he sold us a dub
When I picked up, I said "let's be in touch"
When I picked up, he said "let's be in touch!"
I told 'em, "calm down, don't rush"
I told 'em, "calm down, don't rush"
On Wall Street they choppin' 'em numbers
And even my niggas is choppin' and choppin' 'em numbers too!
They might do it with accounts
But we do it with an ounce
Thank god we got zo
Cause we uh prolly sold out
Thank god we got those
Thank god we all chosen
Shit lookin' like a kids movie
Thank god my neck frozen
(Brown Sam)
Tell me
Why wouldn't you do it for me?
Stayin' true never ends
Took you all the way in
Took shit then let it
Grow its own way like manure
Hopelessly lurkin' for somethin' that's newer
Wade through the sewer, cold as a brewer
You will stay stuck in cycles
When you play, front on Michaels
Weren't we craftin' a loom?
Weavin' forever I'm stuck in the room!
Dreamin' the weather will get outta gloom
Yeah, you a character, flat as cartoon
Don't you embarrass her, ain't no cocoon
We only human, there's so many moods!
Butter churned, yeah we flyin'
All we earned through cryin'
Cut n S0wn, I Spake
Now ya can't hear snakes
Ain't no TD Jakes
Never left that wake
Imma mourn like a chore
No allowance, outdoors
Back then I sank
Nowadays I float
Yeah, there's room on the boat
Yeah, there's room on my boat
Look at us, Billy Goats
That's enough of them ghosts
Brown Sam mean hope
Shit is real, no jokes!
(Noel Malpica)
This is wild. Go ahead and start it from here, son

(Brown Sam)

(Noel Malpica)
You mind if I start it from here?

(Brown Sam)
Mhm. I'm widdit


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