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CAMZINO - Pound Cake (Ft. JayO)

Verse1: [Camzino]

After hours in the studio
Just me and Jayo talking women and them crazy flows
My conscience is telling me stop the weed smoke
But I wrote this when I was high, so it's best I don't

Some say I'm just an underrated nigga
Some say I'm too big headed for the picture

But me? man I think that I'm the ish
Got a team full of winners

Good terms with my girl, splashing figures

Big Smiles all round, we gettin' cake brudda
How you stacking that cake, when you ain't seen butter?
These niggas need to jam, they always fillin' me in
I match all of their stats, no need to fill me in
You need to feel my flow
Cos I feel you just might
Take an interest for the bars
Gettin' cakes the life

Lifestyle of an up and coming nigga
Never see the hate coming, gotta keep it tucked nigga!
Take that bar how you want it, I won't judge fam
We're all in the same game, to see us stackin' grands
Cah I'm tryna see that cake cake cake
And all you niggas do is hate, fam you fake
Drizzy said 'Tables turn, Bridges burn, You live and learn'
I'm learning to make a difference
It's what I deserve

Man this shit just started clicking darg
You know it's real, Me and Jayo just some young stars

Bridge: [Camzino]

Cash rules everything around me
Me and jayo had to tell 'em
Why the f*ck they still doubting?

Verse2: [JAYO]

I had ambitions before you had decisions
Competition more complicated then a mathematician
Now My addiction somewhere between coke and sprite
Cos' they be cattin' my flow like I got nine lives


I use to dispute the past then
But now my presence is a present; ain't no past tense

And them Zanotti's got the girls gassed
Give 'em the same feelin' when they hear my soundtrack
And I renounce that

The Roman evangelist was the cause of our greediness and our infinite happiness

Why you smoking that cannabis, if you don't know the recipe?
So bun all my enemies, imma fulfill my destiny
And bun all these snakes, two-faced no apologies

We was lynched for our colour, still the same ideologies
Slaughtered and forgotten like there's no remorse
Tripple 'K', Black Power or make cake ofcourse
It's yours

Verse2: (JAYO)

Cake (x6)

UK vibe, that's a pound cake
Bang Dàngao, that's Chinese cake
Mi nö àablo, Spanish for I've got no cake

Sacrificial crucifixion like for God's sake
Put a Rolley on my wrist, That's a wrist cake


Now put some ice on that cake

Cake (x5)


Lost in my thoughts, I ain't got time to reminisce
Man, I'll only say this once
So you better remember this

Man, I work hard, I keep grindin'
Been down, I keep tryin'
Cos unlike you other dons, like Riri
I see diamonds
Speed rhyming, In a Lexus

Love my bars in Texas
Sat down, that's S.A.T but Ofsted can't test this

Imma reach heights
That J's flights

Couldn't reach in a lifetime

Took losses for sinning, call me selfish cos' it's my time

Cos my time is darker
Put D into Gabbana
Put the Magna into Carter
Killin' these snakes, call it karma

They asked how I improved
Yeah, I got good and I got higher

Cos' I met the beast himself
And I went through hell

Call me Messiah!